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Anonymous | October 09, 2020 | 2 0
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I’d like to first and foremost say, this company in Reno is as shady as it gets. The owner/CEO is West Plischke, who a known thief, fraud, and cheap; He does not pay his employees on time, instead, he throws his employees old mids that failed COAs (the mids no dispensary wants to buy). He pays himself 20k before he pays anyone and says the company’s financially broke, yet owes so many people money including his own family, whom he decided to fire as well.

I also heard he has embezzled a couple million dollars out the company and investors under the table. He talks a big game but everyone thinks he’s a snake in the industry from CA to RI to NV. He talks down about his employees, investors and partners. He doesn’t care that his employees are putting in the work six days a week on twelve hour days to push his failed products.

Everyone needs to know who he really is, but I am sure a lot of people already know this guy is a joke and doesn’t know how to grow craft cannabis at all, instead piggybacks off everyone else’s ideas and says he thought of it first. From CA to RI he’s been ran out the industry for scamming people, and now he is running his game in NV.

Stays pushing moldy failed flowers covered in Kief and calls it “Model X” and swears by it that it’s grade A cannabis. Multiple rooms are infested with spider mites, but that gets pushed to the side, and the product is sold to unsuspecting consumers.


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    Oct 27, 2020, 11:07 PM  Reply

    I have heard this one too many times. What a fake! Smartest guy huh? ????

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    Oct 30, 2020, 05:24 PM  Reply

    West Plischke is that one person who ruins it for everyone else in the cannabis industry. Degrades employees to the point of a mental breakdown, treats females employees like total trash, can't make payroll, and steals from a company that he owns very little stake of. He likes to talk the talk but he can't walk the walk...short term conman. Karma coming for you bro.

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