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Bad Businessman Mark A. Howard

Anonymous | November 01, 2020 | 0 0
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Mark A Howard is a cannabis/hemp broker in California. He is well known all over the west coast. He has repeatedly done bad deals. Recently he has ran off with large volumes of hemp, sample pounds of T. flower, and has screwed over many ppl in the industry. DO NOT BE THE NEXT VICTIM!

Benjamin Wray wrote on Facebook, "So it is unforunate sometimes that we deal with people who don't share the same ethical values. His account has been deleted but Mark A. Howard, from Atascadero, CA, who runs MHE Manufacturing at 1700 El Camino Real, Atascadero, CA 93422 and Canna Trading Co. is not to be trusted. He picked up a little over 1000 lbs of flower from our facility in Oregon. It was a net 7 pay agreement. Day 7 came, no payment. Day 10 came, no payment some communication, mainly excuses. Patient, day 20 came still no resolution and Mark had stopped communicating altogether after. 

We simply wanted the flower back. No response. I had done business with Mark a few times before. I reached out to his family and people he had done business with to locate him or the flower. We located the majority of it, (without any assistance from his) but he has yet to return what he took to California. Just be careful."



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