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Lowell Herb Co. Review

Anonymous | January 04, 2021 | 1 0
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Lowell Herb is a terrible company. Everything they talk about is a lie. The investors are just as bad as that idiot David Elias. Pay more attention to your good employees and your product. Lowell Pre rolls are trash blends of shake flower. The jarred flower is sometimes older than a year. Recently they lost all of the sales staff. It is time the for customers to know Lowell has no farms and the famous story about Bull Lowell is fake. They trash distillate for a year and the mints are distillate infused. This company is definitely not for real cannabis smokers. Don't pay for the packaging because that is the only nice thing about this company.


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    Jan 05, 2021, 03:39 PM  Reply

    I remember getting a “vip” invitation to Lowell Cafe for last year when they opened. By that time I had tried a couple of their Preroll packs which were convenient only because I could take them on the cruise with me, but the quality was trash from the get. The food was ok, but the place was an absolute mess. The workers don’t want to be there, weren’t paying attention to the customers, and food was coming out after an hour of waiting around.. definitely not a professional establishment.. or business for that matter.

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