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National Con-Artists Steal from the Cannabis Community

Anonymous | March 05, 2021 | 0 0
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This man Jason Michael’s acts like a friend to people and the community. Micheal acts like he’s grown plants, managed farms, says he’s a distributor, etc. However, in reality this man is being looked for by countless people, and he also owes a collective total of about 300k (at LEAST that we are aware of.) A few people he ripped off include: his own cousin, who he took 40k as a flower/farm operation cost then ghosted; Micheal stole several liters of Delta-8 from hemp companies in MI, CA, OH that totals well over $50k. Micheal then turned around and sold all the product as Delta-9 to a chapter of bikers, who quickly became hostile.; Micheal owes $140k from a family as a down payment to our farm; Micheal stole $10k from a disabled marine veteran who worked on a farm; Micheal stole $2k from neighborhood acquaintances, and also stole 10 next light Megas from the greenhouse, several vehicles including commercial grade tractors amd plows, fourwheelers, trailers, and more.

He has uprooted people from their homes to come “work for him” in reality doing his dirty work. He has faked hospital visits to avoid meet ups with other customers and companies and had the farm employees with these people who were after Jason to sale in his place. He stole 100k berry blossom fem seeds on a front and ghosted the company. The entire farm payroll was being handled with investors money, he’s out person after person in harms way. He’s currently trying to bring down our farm called @thegreatriverfarms and destroy our reputation because he destroyed our project and doesn’t want others to have their slice. I could go on for hours and hours and hours. But I want to save people the trouble. He’s taken so much money from our families and business.

His wife is a conspirator and con-artist herself. She drives around in a fully loaded 2020 White suburban that came from money from an investors pockets. A photo shared with us through an old partner of the hemp farm, shows Jason being asked for long over due repayment of his family, and the man replies with threats to him. !!!! A couple younger girls who were assisting at said farm, where constant indecent comments were made about them by Jason. CLEAN UP OUR INDUSTRY OF THESE PEOPLE AND PLEASE BEWARE. He has cracked into all of our audiences and tried to steal business. Please share this on your STORIES so other cannabis/hemp are not decieved by this guys facade!


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