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Minnesota Snitch

Anonymous | March 04, 2021 | 9 1
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Paul Danko Chmielewski operates in Minnesota and Wisconsin, primarily Madison, Eau Claire, Minneapolis, and Mankato. He has been a snitch while parading as a low level street dealer to mid level distributor of grass, mushrooms, prescriptions, cocaine, and heroine for nearly twenty years. He's bold enough to attempt to sleep his way into the favor of fat, local law enforcement agents to gain protective advantage and has snitched on Chicago based Gangster Disciples without being on paper because he was sleeping with the assistant district attorney on the case at the time. He gets too high on his own supply and eventually turns on the hands that feed him when he's in trouble. His personal addictions are so bad at this point that he's snitching on decades old friends for petty disagreements that have nothing to do with business. He's unhinged and needs to be permanently put out of business. If you choose to associate with him in any way, know that you've been warned. He's an associative narcissist, which means he boosts his ego and image by constantly talking about the "cool" things he does with wealthier, more successful individuals, claims his parents are millionaires in Vegas when they've got a measly 1700 square foot home worth less than $300K that's still on a mortgage as they quickly approach their death beds. Do not believe a word he says. Do not do business with him.


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