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Thieves Posing as Businesses in DC

Anonymous | March 17, 2021 | 0 0
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I’m writing this to keep our community safe in DC. Due to I-71, things are really weird and there is a plethora of services that have surfaced prior and during the pandemic to survive. We are all just surviving. Our service is called @greenkingsdc and we started in April 2018. We had hired a group of people whom seemed trustworthy enough to help with the day to day of our business. Business was going great for almost a year and a half. Then, August 2019, my father was diagnosed with Stage 4 liver cancer and I spoke to the manager we hired about a hiatus I needed to take to tend to family needs, mainly my father. Come December, 2019, I was not as present as I wanted to be in business due to the fact that I had to take my father to chemotherapy sessions and take care of my family. That is when they decided to ransack the place and rob Green Kings of all its product. After, they started a service called @topsecretdc and are being marketed by a fake review website called tokersguide.com.

This was all premeditated as right after they started to reach out to Green Kings clients to try to sell the stolen product at a much cheaper price. It’s been over a year and I honestly choose to remain focused to my family. Money comes and goes. My father passed in July 2020 and I’ve been spending time with family to mourn and overcome the passing. My main intention in writing this story is to send an alert to the DC community. I’d like to help both clientele and sources who deal with these guys stay safe and not have to go through what we did. They pretend to be good people and will wait for your most vulnerable moment to act.


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