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Headstash Baller Jars

Anonymous | March 16, 2021 | 0 0
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I found this Headstash Baller brand on Instagram and they looked real legit. When I tried DMing the company to ask how the concentrate market is going I never heard back. They are offering BHO and rosin concentrates. The rosin comes in either one or two gram jars. As anyone can see this headstash concentrate is flooding the markets at $3300 for a full order. It looks nice in their pictures but when you receive it it's all dried and old and doesn't look anything close to what they are promoting on their instagram. If I had to guess its CBD mixed with a little bit of THC but they are claiming high percentage THC. Does anyone know if this brand is scamming the cannabis community? HEADSTASH BRAND. Are they another good company just taking over the traditional market?


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