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Trufflez Rep Scammers

Anonymous | March 30, 2021 | 0 1
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It is sad to see such a good company like Trufflez be represented by a crook and a thief like @darealmoneymoe (on instagram). He comes to people that have work, tells them that he has some plays happening and that he needs some flavors to show his customers; he puts in an order and tells you to pull up later on for the money. 

After that he comes up with a story, telling you that he’s "going to send out a driver," or "he’s coming himself to drop off the money to you, but never made it because he “got pulled over and everything was confiscated.” 

Some people believe his story but after meeting with different people that say he also ran off on them, and he tells all these people the same story. 

So sad in our own community we have so many crooks and thieves like him making their living by stealing and putting up a front on social media. Trufflez should reconsider having this guy on their team. 


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