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Loud Clouds is Scamming Customers

Anonymous | April 11, 2021 | 1 0
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@loudcloudsca on instagram is advertising that they have flower from the best growers in Canada. I placed an order for @pacificbudboys peanut butter breathon directly from @loudcloudsca website. I paid $260.00 for the ounce which is extremely high here in Canada. Almost two weeks had gone by after @loudcloudsca had accepted my money and I received no tracking or confirmation of anything. Eventually @loudcloudsca responds and insured me that I’m not being robbed but I was robbed because the peanut butter breath never arrived. They sent a shitty strain called “pink goo” which I can get for $80.00 an oz. I thought someone should expose these guys for claiming they have product from growers that they don’t. There scamming people and now there not even responding to me. This is supposed to be a reputable company in Toronto. Any help in exposing these guys would be greatly appreciated. I still wanna give them the opportunity to make it right. And being called out by you guys would surely make them rethink there shady business practices.


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    Apr 16, 2021, 06:53 AM  Reply

    I think people should put you on blast for trying to get an oz shipped and thinking you are going to get hooked up. The entitlement problem in this generation is real.

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    Apr 25, 2021, 01:40 PM  Reply

    the first reply is BS cause that how it works in canada, I mail order almost every med i get and they ALL arrive. I’ve had a horrible experience with loudclouds, bought about 5-10 bags of theirs and i would say 8 were garbage. I had the EXACT same issue when it came to their PBB. If you need help and in the toronto area please msg me i’ll be happy to send you the right way, i don’t sell myself but i can get you some authentic PBB that blows the one loudclouds is selling straight out of the water. I’m sorry if you’ve felt robbed but at least no you know. my IG is warren underscore jpg feel free to dm, btw it won’t let me type the underscore

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