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Hashlantean Delivery Service

Andrew Patterson | April 23, 2021 | 0 0
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Hi there, there a website Hashlantean where I've order hash and carts from a few times before. I ordered on January 15th and excepted everything to go well as it had in the past. Then after not getting an email that it went out or getting anything within a month I messaged the owner on Instagram and he starts telling how his partner screwed him over on product etc. I gave it a little time to see if he would get my order out messaged again asking about it and he said he would be getting it out the day after 420. After not seeing anything in my informed delivery I messaged the owner again and this time he says he cops showed up with a warranty and took his product. I'm taking this as a loss for me. Just wanted to put the word out so no one else wastes money. 


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