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Andrew Poarch in Colorado Springs

Anonymous | April 29, 2021 | 0 0
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In 2013 the FBI joined forces with already known drug trafficker and suspected murderer after his activities had attracted the attention of a large criminal outfit (Most likely the Sons of Silence). It is at this time that Andrew Poarch, owner of the Lazy Lion, became a confidential informant to the FBI serving this role as Colorado Springs most corrupt cannabis club owner.

It wasn't until a couple years later when a local news outlet unwittingly did an undercover expose on Lazy Lion that the city, under the direction of then Mayor Steven Bach, found themselves in the awkward position of having to address the issue. After publicly and definitively stating that such practices were illegal under state law and promising that quick and decisive action would be taken upon any offenders the city had secretly hoped a distracted public might again settle into apathy. However, the failures of the city and the months of inaction did not go unnoticed and this appeared to be a green-light for all those with aspirations of joining the industry but may have been dissuaded by licensing requirements. 

Now the city found themselves having to deal with the multitude of "Cannabis Lounges" that had sprung up in such a short period of time. Many of which had adopted the seemingly successful model of the city sanctioned Lazy Lion. It was at this time that the now sitting Mayor John Suthers enlisted the help of several elected and appointed government officials in a campaign of distraction and dissuasion to include Councilman Strand, Councilman Knight as well as former Councilmembers King and Bagley, plus many more on the City Staff. They set about the task of creating loophole laden moratoriums and hologram ordinances with the intent of discouraging any new establishments while assuring current locations at least a temporary time in which to continue operations. They are currently using the system and "due process" as a way to purchase more time for the FBI.

Admittedly I have been a disruption to this otherwise sound plan. Though I had remained quiet and complaisant for a number of years it became apparent to me that the Mayor was more than willing throw my cannabis community under the bus as the fall guy in what was actually a government operation. I have since broken my silence with them and have worked diligently, tirelessly, diplomatically to find the amicable solutions and have found the indifference this administration to be unyielding. Every move made has only served to heighten the suffering of the most sick and downtrodden. The city seems dead set on punishing any of those willing to obtain licensing and adhere to regulation while nurturing and harboring the criminal enterprise that now inundate this city. No other jurisdiction has had any issue shutting down cannabis clubs and have been successful sighting only state law yet we have had the addition of a moratorium and 3 new ordinances and still cannot take reasonable action. This is purposeful and by design. The very formation City's Working Group was intended to not only pacify my requests and distract the public but also to purchase more time. 

I can no longer turn a blind eye to the atrocities that lay before me. I have reminded the administration and council time and again of their responsibilities to the local communities to no avail. I feel that it is best that the the newly elected members of this Council be apprised of these events. I will be providing all media outlets with a written statement  and have begun setting up the website www.SuthersSecret.com to provide a more detailed and complete history. I will highlight the inconsistencies of the city's actions, and to provide all the evidence I have gathered over the years. 

In closing I would like to quote an exurb from a favorite poem of mine to the cannabis community if I could.

"Grave men, near death, who see with blinding sight...

Do not go gentle into that good night but

Rage, rage against the dying of the light."

*** This blog post was originally posted on Reveal ***

Andrew Poach insta @lion710 used to own the Lazy Lion in Colorado, has been living in Beverly Hills for a few years. Please warn any people he may be doing business with that he has been an FBI informant since 2013, as the video in the link clearly states.


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