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4 Suspects Arrested with Half Ton of Cannabis

Momodou Jawo | June 01, 2021 | 0 0
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Ousman Saidybah, spokesperson of the DLEAG  confirmed the report to The Point. According to him, DLEAG operatives stationed in the West Coast Region conducted an undercover operation that resulted in the seizure of 416 big bundles of cannabis.

Pa Jabang, a Gambian and a resident of Kombo Gungur was arrested with 18 bundles of suspected cannabis at Gunjur

Babucarr Touray and Pateh Kah both Senegalese nationals were arrested in the Fonis around Somita during an undercover operation (ambush) last night.

Babucarr Touray was arrested with one bag containing 30 bundles of suspected cannabis and Pateh Kah was arrested with 26 bundles and one parcel. Eleven (11) bags were also found containing 342 bundles and 2 parcels of suspect. The total quantity of suspected Cannabis seized is 416 bundles and 3 parcels  

Similar operations in the North Bank Region resulted in the seizure of 115 big bundles of suspected cannabis sativa. 

DLEAG operatives stationed at Farafenni, North Bank Region conducted an operation that resulted in the seizure of one hundred and fifteen (115) big bundles of suspected cannabis. 

Sulayman Jallow, a 28 year old Senegalese herdsman residing at Kerr ILO KAH in Senegal was nabbed with twenty eight (28) big bundles of suspected cannabis sativa. He was arrested on 29 May 2021 at Girong Riverside NBR. 

“Similarly, operatives recovered eighty seven (87) big bundles of suspected cannabis in the same operations.” 

“The suspect is in custody together with the said suspected prohibited drugs while investigation into the matter continues,” Mr. Saidybah said.

In total, operatives seized 531 big bundles of suspected cannabis that could amount to almost half a ton of suspected cannabis when weighed.

All the suspects are in custody while officers probe the matter.


This article was originally posted on: thepoint.gm


Jawo, Momodou. “4 Suspects Arrested with Half Ton of Cannabis.” The Point, 1 June 2021, thepoint.gm/africa/gambia/headlines/4-suspects-arrested-with-half-ton-of-cannabis.


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