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Connected Cannabis - Belmont Shore Cannabis Review

Anonymous | July 14, 2020 | 1 0
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Connected Belmont Shore reached out to save face after getting blasted on Instagram for selling seven-month-old dried weed and inflating their prices; only the owner's, Frank's, reponse was condescending and dismissive like the rest of his managerial staff. The owner of Connection Belmont Shore responded to my DM with, "Cannabis being stale or dried out is not a health issue, so what’s the problem?"

I am paying top shelf at this cannabis store for dried-out and over-priced weed.

Connected So Cal is changing owners and it is showing its cracks. They are all rebranding to catalyst. Avoid the owner Frank.


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    Jul 20, 2020, 12:25 PM  Reply

    While I definitely don't doubt that your bud could've been dried-out and/or over-priced, 7-month old bud from harvest is not necessarily always bad/dried-out if stored correctly with humidifier packs

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