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Fake Delta-8 Certificates on Reddit

Anonymous | July 26, 2020 | 1 1

Charge 1: Accessory to fraud/fraud: u/r33fermadness has allowed vendors to post repurposed or fake certificates of assessment for ?8 THC oil despite being repeatedly alerted to the practice.

Charge 2: General malfeasance: allowing a certain group of vendors special privileges/leniency and taking measures against the interest and safety of the public at large.

Charge 3: Vote manipulation: uses(or allows to be used)a wide variety of alts(many 1-4 month old accounts in the sub with zero posts outside of it. In the early minutes of threads in obscure subs, votes have a fairly clear -3/+3 bias, which appears to be an attempt to game reddit's algorithm and prevent harmful discussion from reaching top level posts or comments.

Charge 4: Moderating for profit: all evidence is circumstantial, but c'mon, why would you act like this if it wasn't actually in your self-interest...

Background: ?8 THC is a semi-synthetic cannabinoid produced via isomerization of ?9 THC, or more commonly CBD. It is commonly produced commercially by reacting CBD with acids or bleaching clay. There is no governing body administering oversight in any meaningful way, and it was recently made legal via the 2018 farm bill which legalizes industrial hemp and it's isomers, excluding delta 9 THC. Some sellers have an air of legitimacy, others are sketchier low cost operations.


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