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Prime Wellness in PA Reviews

Anonymous | July 30, 2020 | 0 0

Anonymous 1 : Hey man so basically I want to call out a company that is saying that "they are all for the patients," but the quality of their products proves otherwise. Prime Wellness is not honest about what process they are using with their concentrates, and what solvents are left in their concentrates; putting their patients bodies at risk. I think that because Pennsylvania is such a new state in the medical field that is why we not more informed about what we are smoking on.

Anonymous 2 : I just spent over $300 at Prime Wellness because I used to love Prime concentrates, but the 'gram' I just purchased was more around a 0.5 gram. Prime charges more than an ounce of gold for their product, and then they short you! It is so sad when people take advantage of medical patients! Just goes to show how seriously these people take our illnesses! We shouldn't give them our money!

Anonymous 3 : Prime was one of my favorites due to the quality, but they have really fallen off the map, literally. They don't seem to be delivering anywhere in my area the past few months since COVID.

Anonymous 4 : You really have to watch all of these manufacturers. In the case of prime wellness concentrates, they are off 15 milligrams per 1 gram consistently.
I have sent several emails and got no reply in return. I take all of my products home and check them with a very accurate scale every single time. These companies are shorting sick individuals of their medication, and only because there is no government oversight or FDA regulation they get away with it.

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