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Baggie Spot is a Fake Website

Anonymous | July 31, 2020 | 0 0

Lorbags is a fake website that is scamming people by advertising affordable cannabis packaging. This website is stealing people’s money by allowing potential costumers to place an order, get an email confirmation, but then they never send out an order and the costumer loses their money. When you try to contact them, all of their contact lines are silent.

I lost my money to this website trying to order packaging, and I just want to warn people to not visit or shop with them because they will just lose theirs' too. The "Baggie Spot" is their company name. Website url listed below. Great scam they have going on here. Their company motto is “Loyalty over Royalties,“ just to lure people in.


Webisite link is https://lorbags.bigcartel.com/ BEWARE



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