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Grievances of the Cannabis Community

Christian A Carter | September 12, 2020 | 0 0
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I was too young to have witnessed the cannabis enforcement in the 80’s, but I was taught everything I know by the people who lived it, and those pioneers have been my mentors for farming marijuana. The current issues of today are not the same of the 80's. I’ve seen people silenced by the system, forced to go underground, or move to a different area; these are major issues plaguing our industry that need to be addressed. Expensive legal documents, provisional licensing, over-regulation, and federal prohibition are the reasons for the black market still thriving. Standing on our soap boxes, becoming keyboard warriors or going further underground isn't going to change these policies. Can we have a honest in-depth discussion about the issues and offer solutions?

I’ve seen a lot of the same issues arise state-wide in Caliornia, but we are notoriously disorganized and corrupt. What are we as a community going to do? Are we going to let the politican's determine our future, as they did with Prop 64?

I’m glad people can cultivate at home and have safe clean access to medicine. I think licensing should open up and testing products should be strict. I think we should lobby to end federal prohibition, open up the banks, and create legal interstate commerce.


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