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California Scammers

Cristopher | October 08, 2019 | 1 1

So I met this plug through a reference and he was said to be well-known and trusted. I added him on Snapchat and saw that he would post quantities upwards of 15 pounds of quality flower. He also had oil cartridges in bulk amounts.

I had confidence in his word and began to make business immediately. The first five packages went through with no problem; he was even adding free headstash since I was a consistent big buyer.

I had noticed on my fifth order while in the process of confirming payment he took a full 24 hours to answer and sent me different strains of flower than we agreed upon. On my sixth order is where things began to go bad. I had sent through the payment and he confirmed he received it as well as letting me know the next day it would be shipped. After multiple days of waiting I began investigate his social media account (@packratzsupply) only to find another Snapchat account of almost the same name (@packratsupplyco) claiming to be his brother.

I began to speak with his supposed brother only for him to say he would check into and block me as soon as we finished speaking. It’s been a week and they’ve just blocked or ignored me 2800 dollars gone and no answer about the 20 ounces I was supposed to receive. I’ve checked the “brother” account and continue to see many posts on a daily basis of him with a partner which seems to be of the skin complexion shipping orders and showing off product in high quantities.


  • Oct 18, 2019, 10:43 PM  Reply

    this mother fuker scam me too for 800 and this fucker just got a big ass chain too from the money he scam im flying to CALI in a week and ima catch this fool n his chain LMAO

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