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Sesh Events need to be responsible for the products sold at events


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Sesh Events need to be responsible for the products sold at events

Anonymous | September 10, 2019 | 0 1

Sesh promoters need to educate their event and test properly. Stop letting your local weed man set up a booth. Have some kind of pride in your event, just don’t take money from anyone. Make sure they are legit licensed caregivers and aren’t we supposed to provide lab tests for these events. Once again everyone pointing fingers and blaming the cartridges instead of THE PEOPLE but that is human nature. This event obviously has obviously had issues in the past and that’s because they were worried about making money off of vendors instead of making sure they had proper vendors with clean medicine.

At some point someone has to take responsibility and stop blaming it on the “cart”. I never had any issues with carts but I also never bought 10-$25 gram carts either, I never bought liquid oil in a cool box lol. Pretty much I knew right from wrong & most people do know right from wrong, they just make the WRONG decision.

Are we going to ignore the fact that half of these peoples flower has pesticide, PGR, Not flushed properly, bug issues, mold, mildew etc. I could go on for days or how certain vendors wax (shatter, sauce, crumble, etc) has residuals in it or a high number of PPMs and if the garden they used to make extracts had pesticides in it then the wax will also unless you properly treat each step like it’s a medicine.

I hate to keep going on but are we going to ignore that if they do ban carts all the dirty distillate is just going to be put in edibles and it’s still going to be a big problem because now your talking digesting the poison instead of inhaling it. We’ve been making and producing carts for around 2 years and have never even had a complaint but we take pride in what we do, get the cart tested, the distillate tested (separately) and a huge part of it is we DONT DO IT FOR MONEY. WE DO THIS FOR OUR PATIENTS. If we did it for money we would just spray it into regular wax and get the same return and money. Distillate is 5 times the amount of work. Sorry for the rant


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