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What is Vitamin E Acetate?


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What is Vitamin E Acetate?

Anonymous | September 10, 2019 | 0 0

Its important to understand that CA cannabis labs DO NOT TEST FOR VITAMIN E ACETATE.

Since its no surprise that this Cereal Cart FAILED for pesticides… so lets talk about this VITAMIN E ACETATE SHIT.


From the first time someone put cannabis oil into a vape cartridge, manufacturers have always used diluents. Traditionally it has been PG (Propylene Glycol), VG (Vegetable Glycerin) and Essential oils.

But in the past year a few companies came up with the genius idea of reselling Vitamin E oil as ’thickeners’ to the cannabis vape industry. Vape manufacturers gobbled this shit up because it has the same golden look and thickness as cannabis oil, allowing them to dilute the THC oil without thinning the viscosity. And since Vitamin E is a powerful anti oxidant, it also helps keep carts from turning a darker color.

So lets call them out…

Honey Cut by Honey Cut Labs

Uber Thick by Floraplex Terpenes

Pure Diluent by Mass Terpenes

Its important to understand that CA cannabis labs DO NOT TEST FOR VITAMIN E ACETATE.

They are concerned primarily with banned pesticides, insecticides and fungicides and also heavy metals like lead. So even if you see lab results that pass CA’s rigorous testing that does not mean that it does not contain the Vitamin E acetate or whatever is making people sick.

This issue MAY NOT BE CONTAINED TO JUST THE ILLICIT MARKET. I dont care what you smoke….

I just want you to be informed.


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